In an exercise of pure nostalgic and therapeutic self-indulgence, I've taken the time to document over forty years of my life in performing bands. For the most part, I wrote this for myself and for a handful of friends and family who were there. I wanted to document this stuff before it got completely lost in the fog of my distant memory forever. Luckily, I was pretty good about keeping photographs in accurate chronological order over the years which helped in dating events and the people involved in those events. For friends, family, and other rockers who were in the Hudson Valley and surrounding area of New York during the '80s, and L.A. during the '90s, it should make for a nostalgic stroll down memory lane. For those who weren't there, but have an appreciation for the typical comedy and tragedy surrounding the lives of most creative artists, there should ring a note of familiarity in the faces and circumstances of this artist's struggle to pursue something he believed in. The Spinal Tap-esque nature of being in rock bands is fairly universal and it's experience is shared by most all fellow performing musicians. For those who aren't particularly interested, you shouldn't read any further because it's pretty damn long. My apologies in advance for anyone I forgot or any details I got wrong, but this is the way I remember it. If you dare to venture further, I hope you enjoy the story. With the exception of my NOT becoming filthy rich and famous as a rock star, I wouldn't have changed a single thing.


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