Back on the east coast, my amazing kid Madden was born in 2000. They became the focus of my attention and my involvement in band life slowed down appropriately at that point. In the years following my departure from LA, I continued writing and recording my originals in my home studio and, in time, contemplated putting together or joining a new performing band. I missed playing out, but was being more selective about who and what I got involved with. I believed there were more people out there who felt the way I did and wanted to hear great old school rock and roll live again. In late '01, I joined a hard-edged rock band based in Philadelphia called Mad Karma. The band consisted of Jimmy Roscioli on vocals, Dan Antonelli on guitar, Dave Gray on drums, and myself on bass. We played local Philly clubs like Sweeney's, The Hollywood Bistro and The Rusty Nail.

Mad Karma: Dan, Jimmy, Steve, and Dave.

Mad Karma had been doing all cover tunes so I satisfied my creative urges by recording some eclectic and eccentric stuff of my own in my home studio. The compiled recordings became "Passion in Progress, Part 1."

Tension eventually developed between Dan and Jimmy regarding writing, and Dan split the group to pursue his own original music. The foundation became shaky and part of the dynamic that made the band work was now gone. We played out one more time with a new guitarist but it wasn't really working. The band broke up entirely in late '03.

Shortly thereafter, I joined an '80s style band called Sunset Strip. It was a new collaboration featuring the key members of Midnight Angel - Mikk Black on vocals, Mike Gallagher on guitar, Damian MonteCarlo on drums, and myself on bass. We rehearsed from late '03 to late '04, with difficulties, going through several singers. The project unfortunately never got off the ground.

SUNSET STRIP: Mikk, Mike, Steve, Damian

While working in the previous bands, I also got together casually with some friends in a recording project in New York called "The Dangling Success" from 2002 through 2004. The group consisted of Danny Odescalchi (Minstrel, Arena) on keyboards, Jon Moorehead (Motives, Blue Law, Mojo Smoke) on vocals, Evan Balzer of Arena on guitar, Nelson Rangell on sax, and myself on bass. (Nelson was the top selling smooth jazz artist on in 2003.) The drummer slot was alternately filled by Rob Affuso (Skid Row), Victor Russo (Alice Cooper), and Steve DiGiavoni. The songs were original compositions of Danny's, in the vein of Steely Dan, and we completed a CD called "Mischievous Kiss" in early 2005. I couldn't make the commute on any kind of regular basis so I had to abandon that project, though much love goes out to everyone involved. The CD stands as a testiment to our collective insanity, driven by Danny's writing and enthusiasm.

Danny Odescalchi on keys.

Jon Moorehead on lead vocals.

Evan Balzer on guitars.

Nelson Rangel on sax.

Me on bass.

Rob Affuso of Skid Row on drums.

In 2005, I connected with a great local drummer, Steve Yosko. We started auditioning people in the Fall of '05. Though it took quite a while to find the right personnel and ramp up, we finally put together a great band we were happy with - a good old school rock and roll band with talent, showmanship and personality. The group consisted of Bobby Buerklin on vocals, Frank Schaffer on guitar, Steve Yosko on Drums, and myself on bass. The band was called Sweden Has The Bomb and we started hitting the clubs at the end of 2006, doing our first show at the now defunct club Whiskey Dix in Philadelphia on December, 28th.

Photography by Ellie at and Artie at

Sweden Has The Bomb: (Clockwise from top left) Frank, Bobby, Steve, and Steve

We played out for a year and a half at Philly and PA clubs like Whisky Dix, Jokers, The Stadium, Tom's, The Wharf, and Railroad Street Bar & Grill. At our peak, the band was very tight and entertaining live, but by the Summer of '08, the band had unfortunately run it's course and had burned out. The group subsequently disbanded after doing our last show on July 19. 2008.


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